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Nidhika Shekhar Is Redefining The Saree Aesthetic

The Indian saree might seem like an outdated ethnic garment from an outsider's perspective. But with Nidhika Shekhar creations, we have explored the cultural meaning of the six yards of fabric and its possibilities in the world of women's fashion. Nidhika Shekhar Womenswear Collection houses elegant sarees—the Indian garment that has been around for centuries and still prevails in Indian weddings and ceremonies. Our expertise lies in taking the traditional and making it modern, and that is how we are redefining the sari aesthetic, which is often seen as a 'cultural relic'. Our shoulder cape saree set with satin detailing aims to create an elegant and feminine look, not to mention the ease of wearing it. The off-shoulder cape and stone, pearl & sequins embroidery create a stunning, glitzy effect, bridging traditional and modern Indian clothing. Our easy-to-wear look is created with party wear, bridesmaids and weddings in mind, just like our signature line of fish cut & Ruffle Saree. We have turned sarees into Nidhika Shekhar Gowns and cape sarees to suit the modern Indian woman's individualistic style for a more contemporary look. Our Belt Saree are perfectly all-seasonal—never too bulky or heavy, yet amazing to see brides and fashion-forward women sporting it on various occasions. Women who love the comfort of lehenga and drapes of a saree, we have designed Nidhika Shekhar Lehengas sarees that are comfortable and with a stunning twist to them.

Shop Western Wear For Women From Nidhika Shekhar To Spice Up Your Closet

Indian traditional aesthetics form the basics that Nidhika Shekhar derives inspiration for her couture creations. We did not just create stylish attire; we've included some of India's most well-known motifs into our designs to represent the sense of our cultural identity. Hence, we could make a wide range of Indian-inspired clothing for ladies who want to wear it more western way for every occasion and festival. You can wear cold shoulder dresses, Nidhika Shekhar Jumpsuits, Nidhika Shekhar Blazer Sets, and eye-catching jackets from our bestseller selection for a more formal evening as well as a more casual, daytime outfit. Nidhika Shekhar will provide you with western-wear clothes that will make you stand out with amazing fit and quality, no matter whether you are looking for something upbeat and lively or more mature and glamorous. Our creations can transition to various occasions and settings with minimal accessories, giving you a versatile wardrobe choice. All of our best-selling Qubila creations are bohemian in style because of their asymmetrical shapes, brilliant colours, tribal motifs, and colour-blocked designs. Fashionable and inventive costume sarees that retain traditional beauty while presenting a modern aesthetic have been a part of our fashion repertoire. We've designed a line of Bollywood-inspired outfits that bring the elegance of the most prestigious runways in the world to everyday wear through the creative use of different cuts and patterns. Our fish cut saree and Nidhika Shekhar Dresses are perfect for layering with glitter and sequins to create a stunning look. Depending on your aesthetics and fashion goals, Nidhika Shekher is sure to serve you a bold, contemporary haute-couture that is bound to make heads turn!